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About EQF

The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a translation device that enables those interested to read across from one qualifications level to qualifications levels in other countries. This helps learners and workers wishing to move between countries, change jobs or move educational institutions and enterprises to hire workers from abroad. One aim of the EQF is to contribute to creating a mobile and flexible European workforce. Please note the following:

  • the EQF does not include qualifications or describe specific qualifications or an individual's competence
  • implementation of the EQF is a completely voluntary process
  • it is not the intention that individual qualifications be referenced to the EQF; it is intended that the levels of a qualifications framework will be referenced to the levels of the EQF
  • the EQF has no regulatory function
  • the EQF does not demand adjustments on national qualification systems, but such adjustments might be necessary in order to apply the EQF properly dependent on the national system.

This official leaflet on the
European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the official homepage of the European Qualifications Framework act as simple introductions to the EQF. Please find more and download specific introductions adopted to the interests and area of work of different target groups here:


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